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Manufacturer number1 x 11002288239, 1 x 11112357459, 1 x 11127624778, 1 x 11127588412, 1 x 11212212762, 1 x 11247624616, 4 x 112586064611124762461611127624778111275884121100242032011258606461111123574591121764016511212212762110022882391100234413411217599247111122301431111234963911127624777
BMWCurrent Part Number11247624616Rmfd short engine N20B20B-
Current Part Number11127624778Rmfd short engine N20B20B-
Current Part Number11127588412Rmfd short engine N20B20B-
Current Part Number11002420320Rmfd short engine N20B20B-
Current Part Number11258606461Rmfd short engine N20B20B-
Current Part Number11112357459Rmfd short engine N20B20B-
Current Part Number11217640165Rmfd short engine N20B20B-
Newer part number11212212762Rmfd short engine N20B20B2016-08-12
Newer part number11002288239Rmfd short engine N20B20B2016-02-25
Newer part number11002344134Rmfd short engine N20B20B2016-02-02
Newer part number11217599247Rmfd short engine N20B20B2014-07-09
Newer part number11112230143Rmfd short engine N20B20B2013-10-23
Newer part number11112349639Rmfd short engine N20B20B2013-01-25
Newer part number11127624777Rmfd short engine N20B20B2011-04-05
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